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Here are Peak Custom Graphics, we’re all about making things easier for our customers. However you would like to get a quote from us, we will strive to accommodate that. We believe that a good relationship is built on excellent communication skills, and we will do everything we can to make sure we’re holding up our end of the bargain there.

We know it can be intensely frustrating when your questions aren’t getting answered, or you feel like things are taking longer than they should. At Peak Custom Graphics, we’re the Frederick sign shop that prioritizes our customers and our top-notch customer service. Our employees are all well-trained to ensure we are taking care of our customers first. Whatever it is you’re looking for or need to get taken care of, we’ll be on top of it.

The easiest way to get ahold of us is, of course, by phone or email . We even still have a fax machine if that suits your fancy instead, and we check it all the time. You can contact us for a quote by calling, faxing, or emailing us here:

p: (720) 738-1686

f: (720) 902-4300

If it’s simpler for you to complete a form and have us get back to you, that’s no problem at all for your favorite Frederick sign shop. Our form covers most the the different options that we offer, but we know there are always challenges out there that we’ve yet to try., If you don’t see the specific option that really fits your need, check the “Other” box and give us some notes about what you’d like or just let us know you’ll chat with us more when you hear back from us.

Like most artists and designers, we relish the idea of new opportunities to be creative and get into our work. Pretty much everything we do is custom work, and we love it when our customers present us with fresh ideas and new ways to get things done. We absolutely love new puzzles and new ways to use signage and vinyl wraps that we haven’t thought of before. It keeps us excited to show up at work every day and enlivened about our business. If it suits you, feel free to complete our form here and we’ll get back to you shortly.



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The Importance of Communication

At Peak Custom Graphics, communication is our business. We help communicate where homes and businesses are located; we help communicate which businesses are specifically in shopping complexes, we help communicate what languages are spoken in various different places, what time it is, what the weather is like, messages that businesses want to communicate to you, and the most important one of all: where the restrooms are located. We help communicate this information inside and outside, on top of poles and just a few inches off the ground. In fact sometimes we create signs to communicate underground, underwater, on mountaintops and in the middle of forests. Communication is our lifeblood. It’s what we do best. And it begins by making sure we’re doing our best to communicate with you.

At Peak Custom Graphics we try to answer every message we can and follow-up with every email in our inbox as soon as we are able. Sometimes this takes just a few minutes. Sometimes it’s a little longer. We can guarantee you we’re working on it. During peak times and seasons it can be difficult for us to get back to our customers as quickly as we’d like, and for that we’re sorry. Please know that we are doing the best we can.

Our hours of operation are:

Monday - Friday | 8am - 5pm

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We’re so excited that you have chosen to work with our sign shop. We will do everything in our power to make sure we create a product that wows you and fulfills your expectations...and beyond!

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